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Re-starting the Challenging Young Horse - MasterClass Online Course: Lifetime Subscription

This course is designed to work for any horse, especially those with challenges and trauma.
Young horses - they all got to start somewhere right?

There is something so rewarding about starting a young horse yourself! There is a lot they can teach us about communication and patience - perhaps a deeper understanding that we did not have before. 

But...do you know where to start?

The wrong foundation could teach a horse bad habits. Additionally, bad foundations take years to "unlearn" and a considerable investment in time and resources to "restart" with a new method. 

Welcome to Starting the Young Horse Holistic Training Course! 

This course includes three young horses, from weanling to three years of age. All are green and “un-broke” and needing direction, relationship, and most of all education. 

Watch as Caroline takes each one through the same educational process, turning challenges into success stories and building on their foundation - one day at a time. 

While the course shows you how Caroline deals with negative behaviors, it also shows you how she handles each youngster with love and leadership – one of the most challenging aspects to training and developing a well-adjusted, confident horse.

Too often young horses are started without any education meaning they are not prepared to learn, nor are they given the opportunity to learn. Instead they are rushed, pushed too fast and most of all left confused. This produces a lack of confidence in the young horse creating an over-reactive, spooky, dull, or even dangerous youngster.

This is where this course is different. Instead of random training videos dealing with different training challenges this course gives you a plethora of education and building blocks, providing you with specific exercises designed to develop a safe and solid ground and riding foundation.

While this course is not about riding, it is all about developing the foundation for riding. We begin on the ground first, establishing both the relationship and response needed to develop our young horse’s confidence and positive learning attitude. We then learn how to further shape and “test” the level or trust and cooperation needed to be safe on the ground, at the mounting block and under saddle – for the first few rides.

While this course is about starting young horses, it also applicable for any horse especially re-starting horses in general. 

What about a better way? A Revolution in horse training...

Learn more about how to start your young horse without the use of fear - without dominance - with the love, respect and communication. 

Join us and find the answers that you have been looking for. 

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